Ben Howard - End of the affair

Finally, new music from Mr Howard! And this is amazing. I can’t wait for the new album. And to see him live. :)

Lucas Ferraro singing! And quite well too. Brilliant.

From here.

A new radio interview with Marco Berger - where he talks about Plan B, Ausente and Hawaii. In Spanish - so I only understand a little. But for those of you who do understand, enjoy! :)

Anonymous said: Not a question, just a comment . I've found 'Plan B' by accident and got obssesed with it. It's a favorite of mine. Just recently got to watch Hawaii and I love it as well. In general I don't like to rematch anything. These two movies from Marco Berger (and an Israeli movie called Eyes Wide Open ) make my list. Thanks for your blog, it has so much information that feeds my obsession.

Oh, I completely agree! There really aren’t many movies which you can and NEED to watch over and over. Plan B was a film I had to rewatch almost immediately after I saw it the first time. And then I couldn’t stop!

I found these films by a happy accident too - maybe that makes for an even better experience, seeing as you don’t have any expectations and you just get happily surprised by everything. (For the record: I like Eyes Wide Open too - but not as much as Hawaii and Plan B.)

I’m glad you enjoy the blog! :)

An interview with Marco Berger, Manuel Vignau and Lucas Ferraro about Plan B - from 2009.

I’d so love to know what they’re saying here (but I don’t know Spanish). For example, are there any interesting anecdotes we haven’t heard from other interviews? Stories from the set? I’d love to hear them all.

Anonymous said: More than asking I've gotta thank you for all you're doing on this page, the information about Marco Berger's films and all about Manuel Vignau's work. I'm argentinean and I've got not much access to these things!!!! It's funny but there is not much information around. Independent films are, as usual, not that popular ... So thank you for everything!!!! By the way I do love Hawaii!!!!!!

Thank YOU for visiting and reading my blog! I’m very glad I can be of service. :)

Although, it’s pretty sad that it should be difficult to access MB’s films etc anywhere, but particularly in Argentina. How on earth did we manage anything before there the internet? *g*

A video featuring Manuel Vignau - a little trailer for something called “Me tome un tiempo”, I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be.

Just because I’m the resident poster of obscure things with this fine actor and despite the fact that it doesn’t look too good… *g*

Rectify - season 2

I loved season one and I’m happy to say I loved season two as well. Very much. And I’m joyous to hear a third season is in the works. Then again, I would have been surprised had they not renewed it, since it’s been obvious from the start that there’s a well thought-out plan to this tale.

In season one Daniel was just out of prison and didn’t seem to be able to get out of his bubble. The one he’d lived in for so long, all alone, isolated and completely numb. Daniel was extremely closed-off, very muted, odd and child-like. He found it very hard to related to anyone (with one exception, Tawney). In season two, the bubble has burst, and the world has come crashing in. Bringing with it mostly confusion and hurt. Now, all Daniel sees is the pain he and everything around him causes everyone. He’s realised how everyone’s life has been affected and I believe he feels it’s better for all of them if he leaves. I hope season three will make him realise that that is not how love and family works. They will be affected either way, and the people who love him, want him close no matter what. And moreover, he needs them too.

This series is genuinely very, very good. Great actors, and a beautifully complex storyline. All characters are flawed but loveable (well, maybe not Trey…). It’s slow and melancholy, but never dull or too wordy. The main issue is how Daniel’s fate affects his family and the whole town - and that’s so interesting that I’ve genuinely come to feel that Daniel being guilty or not doesn’t really matter. I do believe he’s innocent, though, so he should, by all rights, be exonerated.

I wish more people could discover this fine piece of television. It deserves a bigger audience!


This is a German tv series I can recommend watching for all those interested in not just English-language productions. I’ve just finished watching the second series, and it’s a really excellent, very entertaining, very engaging production.

Weisensee is about two families, living in DDR (East Germany, that is) during the 80’s. It’s about love, power, betrayal, like any soap. But what makes it good is firstly the complexity of the characters; nobody is just one thing, they’re all torn betweeen loyalities and desires and fear. Secondly, it’s always interesting to have a story take place during this time and this place, since it was a time when Stasi (the East German secret police) control and surveillance of their people was absurdly extensive. Everyone could be the target of having their phones tapped, their families threatened, getting fired for saying the wrong thing and always living in fear of being betrayed by someone, maybe someone you love and trust. The paranoia ran rampant, as you can understand. Particularly since this was a crumbling society, with not many more years to exist.

Apparently, a third series will be made as well, taking place after the wall came down. So, highly recommended!

My summer at home in Sweden 2014: sea and beach in the south (and heatwave!) and hiking in the mountains further north (in very pleasant temperatures). A lovely summer, indeed! :)